Watson PortfolioWatson Land Company has developed, owns, and manages close to 20 million square feet of flexible industrial real estate within masterplanned centers. From its first masterplanned center in the early 1960s to today, Watson has set the standard for masterplanned development. With generous landscaped street setbacks, wide streets and driveways to accommodate truck and auto circulation, protective covenants, and compatible tenant mixes, Watson has strived to create a corporate headquarters environment coupled with the functionality of modern logistics facilities.

corporate center carson

Watson Corporate Center, Carson

industrial center carson

Watson Industrial Center, Carson

dominguez tech center carson

Dominguez Technology Center, Carson

industrial park chino

Watson Industrial Park, Chino

commerce center fontana

Watson Commerce Center, Fontana

commerce center redlands

Watson Commerce Center, Redlands

commerce center chino

Watson Commerce Center, Chino

logistics center apple valley

Watson Logistics Center, Apple Valley

West Hills Business Center

West Hills Business Center, Lehigh Valley, PA