Watson Industrial Park Chino – Building A Better Community

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Watson Industrial Park Chino – Building A Better Community

The Watson vision continues to unfold in Chino, California: This past month, we achieved a major milestone with one of our flagship industrial parks when the City Council officially voted to accept public improvements for Watson Industrial Park Chino Phases 2, 3, and 4.

Watson Industrial Park Chino has long been one of our most ambitious projects, meticulously designed to set a new standard for industrial parks from a functional, environmental, and community perspective. We first broke ground in the area on May 17, 2016, considerably ahead of any other developers. In those early days, we were largely focused on developing a major public infrastructure that included five miles of public roadways, five new streets, miles of domestic water supply lines, recycled water lines, fire water lines, storm water piping, sewer lines, new telephone and power service, forty-six new street lights, four blocks of lush landscape parkways, several major traffic signals, internet service, gas service piping, installation of prominent artwork corners, and monuments.

This $45 million-dollar infrastructure paved the way for the completion of 3.6 million square feet of Watson Legacy buildings in Phases 2, 3, and 4. The design, permitting, construction, and pre-leasing took just a little over four years to complete. Even with the pandemic, we were able to sign off on the final street improvements in June 2020.

The City Council’s final acceptance of the jurisdictional bond release and bonus development agreement is cause for celebration. We are proud of the professionalism and dedication of all of our departments, including our contractors and civil engineers. We’d especially like to honor Chris Trujillo for his collaborative efforts with the city building and engineering departments.

Watson’s heritage includes a calling to be “good stewards of the land.” This is a calling that we take seriously, whether we are planning a new development or giving back to our communities. We believe in creating industrial spaces that are both beautiful and functional, so as to benefit everyone–from customers to passersby. 

From coast to coast, Watson Land Company is committed to building upon our legacy with unparalleled customer service and superior industrial properties.