WLC Is Proud To Partner With Valley Youth House

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WLC Is Proud To Partner With Valley Youth House

At Watson Land Company, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our industrial masterplanned centers: We are equally dedicated to serving the communities that we call home.  Community investment is a core value of Watson Land Company’s business philosophy. Our investment in the lives of individuals and for the advancement of communities where we have a business presence is as much a part of Watson’s corporate character as it is a philanthropic program. Our continued East Coast expansion has given us the opportunity to connect with incredible organizations that share our vision of improving the quality of life for our friends and neighbors.

Recently we partnered with Valley Youth House in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, to support their mission of ministering to underprivileged youth. Valley Youth House seeks to be “the catalyst for youth to achieve their desired future through genuine relationships that support families, ensure safe places, and build community connections.”

One way that Valley Youth House fulfills its mission is through Camp Fowler. Driven by the belief that nature provides a restorative environment for children and teens, Camp Fowler’s team promotes positive development and healing. Whether they are exploring STEM, the arts, or leadership roles, these camps give underprivileged youths a chance to grow in unique ways.

We are proud to have joined incredible organizations like Service Electric in supporting the refurbishments of the Camp Fowler summer cabins and in sponsoring the John E Walson, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament. Over the past 35 years, this tournament has raised over $2.38 million dollars for Valley Youth House’s critical work with over 22,000 vulnerable youths and families.

WLC Vice President of Construction Eric Scheler has been a major force for creating new opportunities for youths throughout Lehigh Valley. Located at our East Coast office, he has partnered with Valley Youth House to build and refurbish houses, cabins, and other facilities. 

According to Valley Youth House President Tom Harrington, the updated cabins can be used year-round thanks to newly installed utilities. At-risk youths can now enjoy a more comfortable experience at Camp Fowler, helping them to feel at home during their stay. 

“This is a very generous, giving community,” Harrington said of the many donations that made the renovation possible. “We’re so thankful for the companies and individuals that have come together to make this dream a reality.”

“They’ve done a phenomenal job of making sure all aspects of young people and their ability to build self-esteem, confidence, and leadership has all been a part of this,” added Loretta Tubiello-Harr, a long-term board member of Valley Youth House.

We were pleased to attend the Camp Fowler ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the newly renovated facilities. In addition to the remodeled cabins, Camp Fowler now boasts an archery range and updated basketball courts where campers can learn valuable life lessons.

As we grow our East Coast operations, we look forward to becoming an integral part of the local communities. While our financial commitment is important, what we truly value is the spirit of giving that has come to define what our company is all about. Watson employees, like Eric Scheler, continually demonstrate a commitment to compassionate service. People remember Watson not simply because we send a check, but because we are there, lending a hand and working with others to improve the quality of life. We are proud to support Valley Youth House and the future of this beautiful region.

To learn more about Valley Youth House or how you can support their mission please visit https://www.valleyyouthhouse.org