WaterReuse Names Dominguez Technology Center As California’s 2020 Recycled Water Customer of the Year

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WaterReuse Names Dominguez Technology Center As California’s 2020 Recycled Water Customer of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Watson Land Company’s Dominguez Technology Center has received an Award of Excellence during the WateReuse virtual conference that was held virtually in June 2020. Located in Carson, California, the business park partnered on a project with West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) and other neighboring organizations in an effort to use recycled water for its landscape irrigation system.

The WateReuse Association, California Section is the foremost statewide agency dedicated to maintaining provisions via water recycling and desalination. The mission of the organization is clear: to promote responsible stewardship of California’s water resources by maximizing the safe, practical, and beneficial use of recycled water. 

Every year, the WateReuse Awards are given to the groups that lead the industry with this mission in mind. Recognition is bestowed for the efficacious projects, products, and people who have made noteworthy offerings to enhancing water reuse or desalination. Usually, these acknowledgments identify projects that expand sustainable sources of water or provide an innovative way to meet local water requirements.

The WateReuse Customer of the Year Award specifically credits Dominguez technology Center for furthering the reception of water recycling through pioneering marketing, distinctive functions of reused water, and the validation of how reclaimed water helps communities and businesses. Watson Land Company was acknowledged for our remarkable foresight and steadfast encouragement in the application of recycled water, along with our perception of the significant value recycled water has in its position in creating a sufficient water supply for the future.

This project has been realized after many years of development and strategic planning for a sustainable approach to irrigating the Dominguez Technology Center. In 2019, Watson celebrated the union of the Dominguez Technology Center with West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) and the District’s recycled water system project. DTC’s 300-acre business park began using recycled water that is locally produced to irrigate the site’s substantial landscape. This has saved more than 40 million gallons of drinking water per year.

Dominguez Technology Center uses a weighty amount of water to irrigate the business park’s exterior environment. In drought-stricken locations, such as Carson, California, where DTC is located, practical water reuse ingenuities are important to finding the middle ground between the property’s water needs and limited resources. A move to use reclaimed water for a majority of the land’s irrigation surrounding the facility not only salvages millions of gallons of increasingly endangered potable water every year, it also lowers the site’s ecological impact.

Overall, West Basin will generate roughly 135 acre-feet per year (AFY) of recycled water to cover all of the sites situated on the business park’s property. This equates to saving enough drinking water every year to encompass three households. Working side-by-side with the supplier, California Water Service, the entity that holds the recycled water delivery channel within the property, West Basin helped to secure the business park with recycled water.

We are proud of the connection we’ve made with West Basin, California Water Service, California Department of Water Resources, and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. It demonstrates how we can all collaborate together with the betterment of our communities in mind. It also echoes our values of being good stewards of the land along with our commitment to protecting the environment.

Receiving the Recycled Water Customer of the Year Award just proves our dedication. Watson has worked hard to ensure the Dominguez Technology Center increases our local water supply dependability, and most importantly, we want to ensure our residents and businesses that by reusing our water resources to their fullest potential, we are committed to improving the lives of those around us. In alliance with West Basin and our community partners, we will continue to measure the use of recycled water and assess various irrigation systems and water management practices in order to provide the best in water reuse and reliability. 

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