Building on Watson’s Legacy of Community Investment

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Building on Watson’s Legacy of Community Investment

The world is changing fast every day, and people are relying heavily on their local communities to maintain consistency while also bringing neighborhoods together. At Watson, we recognize it is our responsibility to utilize our strength as a company as a force for good, particularly when we work together to effect positive change. 

The support we give to our communities defines the foundation of our corporate values. This deep tradition of philanthropy has been in place since our company’s founding, with a focus on contributing in palpable, significant ways: from giving to youth programs to families in crisis to senior services to workforce development and literacy programs, to public safety, and to enhance the quality of life.

What drives our efforts is the unwavering belief that as a company, we can make a powerful impact. And we also believe in the effectiveness of compounded application: that the best results can come when committed executives, managers, and staff members all work together for the common good. When the power of one corporation becomes the strength of many, we know the entire community benefits.

These fundamentals have made an immense impact where we work and live in regard to corporate giving, volunteering, and community investment within the past years. Our mission to make a difference in the lives of individuals is so big that we want to reach each and every one of our employees to inspire them to join in and contribute—with the aim of creating better people, better communities, and, ultimately, a better world.

Watson’s investment in the enrichment of individuals and communities is demonstrated by contributions to over 200 organizations and the company’s employees’ active participation in more than 30 community groups. Since its inception, the company has granted more than 100 scholarships to youth in the area, totaling more than $500,000. The company values hands-on involvement in addition to financial commitments, and from its founding, Watson employees have exhibited their dedication to service time and time again throughout the Southern California region. 

Initiatives such as Junior Achievement of Southern California (JA) and the Carson Child Guidance Program connect Watson employees with the community in very positive ways. From sitting on Boards to fundraising to participating in school clean-ups, every employee is personally involved with a host of community endeavors. 

This includes organizing and participating in the Relay for Life, a race sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS), serving more than 600 at-risk youth through the Youth Development Academy, and volunteering to improve local schools and cities through the ShareFest Community Development program.  

Most recently, Watson has been sponsoring and assisting with the Senior Grub and Go program, delivering and distributing meals to older adults at their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with the City of Carson, the YMCA, and the Carson Grab & Go food center, Watson continues its history of giving by helping elderly residents in these communities when they need it most.

The feeling of satisfaction and authentic joy experienced from these acts of giving while collaborating with so many amazing people are the real reward. With a corporate culture steeped in contribution, our employees continually throw themselves into a philanthropic project with both feet, volunteering their time and energy in ways that impress even the heads of our company. And with each letter received from a child or individual communicating thanks, it makes the effort even more worthwhile. 

In conclusion, we are proud of our role as part of a regional contributor that helps communities thrive. 

Our employees strive to fortify community organizations with their aptitude and knowledge, and in turn, each community project enlightens and educates the company in ways that help us fulfill our corporate mission even better. Our goal is to continue to be an integral part of the community, and to make a positive impact where we serve. 

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