Watson Named Green Building Challenge Winner

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Watson Named Green Building Challenge Winner


Watson proudly championed eco-awareness as a participant in the SBC Green Building Challenge.

Hundreds of businesses competed. In a year-long contest. The competition was stiff.
But this wasn’t a contest to benefit the bottom line. It wasn’t a sporting event, either. It was a competition to help change the world.
wlc_greenbldgchallenge_igsocialmedia_121516-6The South Bay Cities Green Building Challenge is a contest specifically designed to help businesses to have an earth-changing effect — both on local communities and on the whole planet. By reducing energy, water, and waste, participants concentrate on practices that support environmental sustainability, while beautifying their local community.
To encourage businesses to get involved, the program creates a competition. Businesses are able to compare their performance against peer participants. By competing in such categories as energy stewardship, water conservation, waste reduction, transportation, education, and outreach, businesses earn “points” that can help them move up on the challenge’s leader board.
For nearly 12 months, we at Watson Land Company gave it everything we had. We saved water. We reduced waste. We spread the word on eco-awareness.

And we won!wlc_greenbldgchallenge_igsocialmedia_121516-9

We believe we prevailed because improving our communities is in our core. It’s what we’re about, every day of the year. Because, decades ago, Watson’s founders made a wholehearted commitment to corporate responsibility — not just developing real estate, but changing the world. And one way we achieve our mission today is through a devotion to sustainable building practices in design, construction, and operations.
Our commitment to our planet is showcased by our LEED-certified distribution centers and Watson Legacy Building Series. As part of this eco-conscious commitment, we decided to participate in the South Bay Cities Green Building Challenge.
Following being informed of our first-place finish, we were invited to join other Green Building Challenge participants for a special breakfast event. Watson team members John Jones and Mary Smith accepted the award on behalf of the Watson family’s amazing work. We can’t wait to do it again in 2017!