Watson Industrial Park Chino, First Phase: 100% Pre-Leased

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Watson Industrial Park Chino, First Phase: 100% Pre-Leased


Watson Land Company is pleased to announce the First Phase of Watson Industrial Park Chino is fully leased.

The latest in our line of masterplanned industrial parks, WIP Chino is a four-phase development that consists of eleven freestanding industrial buildings. At a total of 5.1 million square feet, WIP Chino offers a variety of flexible distribution centers, warehouses, and operational headquarters, each suited to your operation’s unique needs.
WLC_ChinoPhaseIG3_012016 Each building in the First Phase of WIP Chino was pre-leased before construction was completed. We are proud to have UMA and Synnex Corporation among the first customers at this masterplanned center that is unlike anything else the Inland Empire has to offer.
Nestled near the western border of the Inland Empire, WIP Chino provides premier access to major shipping routes and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Measurably lower shipping costs and annual operating costs—plus a large and eager labor pool to draw on—make Chino one of the most strategically advantageous distribution hubs in the United States.
WLC_ChinoPhaseIG2_012016The Second Phase is currently underway, with an estimated completion date of early 2017. The remaining offsite street construction will commence in Spring 2016, and the next phase of development will begin on-site shortly thereafter.
Featuring Watson Land Company Legacy Buildings and LEED-certified construction, WIP Chino offers such advantages as 36-foot clearance, abundant clerestory glass, 100% concrete truck courts, 3% skylights, and 8-inch-thick concrete floor slabs with 4,000 PSI reinforcement. Sustainable design features that conserve water and energy benefit both our environment and your operation’s bottom line.
As we move forward with the Second Phase, we invite you to explore Watson Industrial Park Chino, a business community unrivaled in the Inland Empire.

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