Watson Announces 2017 College Scholarship Recipients

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Watson Announces 2017 College Scholarship Recipients

Please join Watson in recognizing the seven exceptional students who received this year’s Watson Land Company Scholarship:

Jae Alayna Bucknor—Don Lugo High School
Planning to attend: Cornell University Major: Neurobiology (Pre-Med)

Lauryn Hudson—California Academy of Math and Science
Planning to attend: Tulane University Major: Public Health (Pre-Med)

Matthew Padaoil—Rancho Dominguez Preparatory High School
Planning to attend: UC Irvine Major: Civil Engineering

Chris Reynosa—Chino High School

Planning to attend: University of La Verne Major: Business Administration

Luis Ulloa—Carson High School
Planning to attend: Stanford University Major: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Arturo Hernandez Vera—Banning High School
Planning to attend: CSU Long Beach Major: Business Marketing

Michael Joseph Yriarte—Chino High School
Planning to attend: UC San Diego Major: General Biology

For more than 35 years, the Watson Land Company College Scholarship has helped to advance both the communities and lives of the individual residents of the cities where we have a business presence. The $10,000 scholarship—a $2,500 annual grant renewable over four years—recognizes graduates who demonstrate academic excellence, are involved in their community and are in need of financial aid.

“This money will be essential in furthering my education. I know that this scholarship will allow me to finish college and eventually go on to medical school and become a pediatrician…I’m honored to know that I have an array of people who are willing to encourage me to reach for the stars and continue on my educational journey.” — Lauryn Hudson, Watson Land Company Scholarship Recipient

As a member of the Southern California business community, Watson Land Company is proud of its tradition of recognizing and assisting exemplary scholars to pursue their higher educational and career goals.

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