Kingsley Associates Reports on Watson Land Company's Customer Satisfaction

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Kingsley Associates Reports on Watson Land Company's Customer Satisfaction


With a century of success as our legacy, Watson Land Company’s dedication to its customers is based on delivering functional, high-quality buildings within masterplanned centers, coupled with unmatched customer service.

15 years ago, we first contracted with an outside agency called Kingsley Associates to measure our performance — to hold us accountable. For 30 years, Kingsley has been the leading national provider of actionable business intelligence for the real estate industry. Their proprietary index is the standard for measuring tenant, resident, employee, and client satisfaction, as well as broker relations and operational effectiveness.

In short, Kingsley is the most comprehensive benchmarking tool, featuring strategic data from the leading organizations in real estate

During their all-inclusive evaluations, Kingsley leaves no stone unturned. They analyze. They ask hard questions. They measure. Then they do it all again. And at the conclusion of their painstaking process, their clients receive a number of scores in areas such as customer satisfaction, customer recommendation, and management professionalism and courtesy. Those scores are then compared to the national average.

customer_satisfactionWatson Land Company was founded in 1912 on the commitment to serve as “good stewards of the land” and Kingsley Associates has served as an invaluable tool to help us understand how we can continue in honor our commitment to accountability. That’s why we are humbled to have been rated favorably by those who matter most, our customers. See how Watson Land Company compares to the national average by reading the full report.
It was management expert Peter Drucker that once said, “That which is measured, improves.” At Watson Land Company, our deepest commitment is to impeccable customer service. And in measuring that service, it is our customers who will always come out on top.