South Bay Cities Green Building Challenge

WLC_IGImages_GreenBuildings_062916-1 Watson Land Company is committed to sustainable industrial practices in design, construction, and operations, as showcased by our LEED-certified distribution centers and Watson Legacy Building Series. As part of our eco-conscious approach, we are a proud participant in the South Bay Cities Green Building Challenge.
The South Bay Cities Green Building Challenge is a program designed to help businesses to have a better impact on both local communities and the environment. By reducing energy, water, and waste while simultaneously beautifying city landscapes, participants in the challenge help to create an infrastructure that supports everyday sustainability.
To encourage businesses to get involved, the program takes the form of a competition, in which South Bay businesses can compare the performance of their peers.WLC_IGImages_GreenBuildings_062916-5

By competing in such areas as energy/water stewardship, waste reduction, transportation, education and outreach, and property management engagement, businesses earn points that can help them move up on the challenge’s leaderboard.
Watson Land Company is one of seven competing businesses currently leading the way in the South Bay Cities Green Building Challenge. We are honored to work side-by-side with other companies that exhibit such a dedication to sustainability.
To learn more about the South Bay Cities Green Building Challenge, please visit

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