Alcoa Prioritizes Employees & Community During COVID-19

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Alcoa Prioritizes Employees & Community During COVID-19

The precipitously developing danger around the COVID-19 virus is impacting the business community around the globe. As we are all interconnected, this poses serious risks of economic disruption as well as health hazards to employees and communities. 

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As the pandemic evolves, we at Watson Land Company are witnessing customers take measured approaches to safeguard employees and contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts. Many corporate giants that operate out of WLC facilities have reduced health risks and modified working protocols, as they continue to closely monitor the situation.

One such Watson customer is Alcoa. A major producer of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminum products, Alcoa maintains locations around the world, from Europe and Australia to Saudi Arabia and the United States. And with core values including “Act with integrity. Operate with excellence. Care for people,” Alcoa aligns beautifully with Watson’s mindset as a corporation.

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Due to COVID-19, Alcoa has risen to the occasion with pandemic planning considerations that extend beyond their existing resilience management activities. The resulting comprehensive response to the pandemic provides continuity for their most critical products and services, as well as upholds precautions for their staff from the risks involved in working on- and off-premise.

The very first priority of Alcoa throughout this time has been the safety and wellbeing of its staff. The corporation has shown great regard to its workforce from the very beginning, as they understand that employees cannot concentrate effectively and work well when they are stressed and worried about their health and the wellbeing of their families. That’s why Alcoa has first and foremost emphasized the importance of providing a safe workplace while offering their employees the support they need.

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The global corporation has established coronavirus-specific policies and practices, new capacities for worker communications, and work-from-home capabilities to decrease interruptions to their employees’ daily lives and earnings. Alcoa has further invested in tools that enable their staff to seamlessly work remotely and collaborate virtually. 

For those critical job functions that must remain onsite, Alcoa has also made changes to keep employees safe. Even with the pandemic continuing throughout the world, all of the company’s mines, refineries, smelters, and other operations have stayed open. Their first step was to research and understand the local government jurisdiction guidelines and resources available for maintaining a safe facility. Cleaning and disinfecting have always been an important part of Alcoa’s standards, but now, there are extra protocols in the plan, including itemizing all areas, surfaces, and equipment that needed to be monitored, prioritizing disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and disinfecting all equipment after each use. An updated cleaning schedule was created for all facilities and equipment, and any items or processes deemed unnecessary were removed. Special precautions include social distancing as well.

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Alcoa has additionally committed $1 million dollars in COVID-19 relief, part of its ongoing efforts to support communities around the world where the company is located. The financial support will directly help those facing extreme hardship as a result of COVID-19 and help ensure that people globally will have access to emergency support during this difficult time. This includes ensuring individuals and families in local communities have food and water, as well as resources to crucial services for mental health, accommodation, dealing with domestic violence, and financial and family counseling.

As each company faces distinctive response and recovery challenges, we applaud Alcoa for stepping up and supporting their employees and communities. As we navigate this global pandemic together, we never lose sight of the contributions of our customers, who are an important part of our company. We’re proud of the role Alcoa is taking, as we believe it is our corporate responsibility to develop additional support for those in our communities when they need it the most.

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