Opportunities Arise At Watson Industrial Park Chino

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Opportunities Arise At Watson Industrial Park Chino

Unrivaled in the Inland Empire.

Watson Land Company is well underway with the finalization of its four-phase construction at Watson Industrial Park Chino. Building 849 construction was completed on April 10, 2020—part of more than 1.1 million square feet within three buildings: Building 847 at 267,000 square feet, Building 848 at 560,000 square feet, and Building 849 at 275,000 square feet. Strategically located in the distribution hub of the Inland Empire, the final phase has an estimated finish date of June of this year. 

Watson Industrial Park Chino First Phase

Bordered by Flight Avenue to the west, Remington Avenue to the South, Merrill Avenue to the north and Carpenter Avenue to the east, the development consists of a total 5.1 million square feet of warehousing and industrial office space to the east of the Chino Airport.

As part of the First Phase, which began in 2014, three distribution or warehouse buildings ranging from 323,030 square feet to 601,104 square feet were developed. The Second Phase included a 725,000-square-foot building and a 442,000-square-foot building. The Third Phase saw the completion of three buildings: Building 838 at 310,000 square feet, Building 839 at 500,000 square feet, and Building 841 at 600,000 square feet. The project is a large undertaking and will be a facilitator for thousands of jobs in the region.

Watson’s Legacy Building Series, a generation of Class-A facilities with distinguishing architectural elements and LEED features

The new buildings in Chino are part of Watson’s Legacy Building Series, a generation of Class-A facilities with distinguishing architectural elements and LEED features, planned accordingly for effectiveness and flexibility to accommodate logistics and manufacturing enterprises. This includes 36-foot warehouse clearance heights, energy-efficient lighting, abundant use of skylights and clerestory windows for maximum natural light, turnkey spec offices, and exteriors with many architectural details such as a generous display of glass, score lines, accent painting, and landscaping.

Currently, the asphalt concrete paving and surfacing at the north and south parking areas are largely completed. The monument wall, which is also finished, consists of a major Watson Land Company signage feature. The foundation for the signage is still in progress. Southern California Edison scheduled permanent power service to energize the transformer in April. 

WIPC Landscaping Fourth Phase

Street improvements are also being made to include landscaping and infrastructure in order to provide a pedestrian-friendly entrance and layout. The concrete median curb and adjacent gutter is completed, with the asphalt paving slot patch and landscaping scheduled next. A new shipment of bronze cow artwork was delivered on April 20th to highlight the area’s history and legacy. Ten cows and one calf will be installed once the foundation and overhead security system are mounted at three street corners.

Watson welcomes El & El Wood Products
Watson Industrial Park Chino Building 849

Building 849 at Watson Industrial Park Chino has already been leased to El & El Wood Products. This leaves Building 848 as the only space available at this time. With 560,000 square feet of industrial space and an estimated completion date of June of 2020, Building 848 contains many advantages that match the efficiency, sustainability, and high-quality standards established throughout the masterplanned industrial park.

And although we all are navigating the challenges of today’s COVID-19 economy, the demand for manufacturing and distribution centers keeps growing. It proves the strength of the market as well as the strength of Watson as a long-term source for valuable industrial developments and tenancy.

Creating a Sustainable Future WIPC

This means businesses and industries are retaining their employees and even hiring in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, which is great in alleviating the fears of individuals and families about job loss. As always, the safety and well-being of our contractors and employees remain our number one priority, and we are permitting construction services to continue so long as they are consistent with state-issued guidelines. It’s all about keeping our communities safe as well as providing a healthy balance of financial stability to our workers.

To learn more and explore Watson Industrial Park Chino, including Building 848, please contact our commercial real estate associates Michael Chavez at mchavez@lee-assoc.com or Bill Heim at bheim@lee-assoc.com or visit us at www.watsonipc.com.