Watson Customers Rally To Provide Vital COVID-19 Medical Supplies

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Watson Customers Rally To Provide Vital COVID-19 Medical Supplies

As we continue to face the coronavirus health emergency on a global scale, supply chains for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies have waned, leaving health care and essential workers in desperate need of the provisions to safely treat the growing number of coronavirus patients and work through the pandemic to keep commerce going.

DB Schenker transported 100,000 donated face
masks on behalf of H&M

As part of our ongoing Community Spotlight Blog Series, Watson Land Company is proud to report that many of our customers across the region have stepped up to meet that demand and help out. Among the champions are organizations such as BNSF Railway, Agility Logistics, and DB Schenker. From leveraging extensive supply chain networks to adapting business models to create new products, these companies are prioritizing where they can to make a greater impact for front line workers and the communities they serve.

For the past few months, DB Schenker has stepped up their logistics to deliver over 10 million face masks and other medical supplies to critical locations all over the globe. They created a virtual airline in partnership with Icelandair to shuttle medical supplies to Europe and the U.S. on passenger planes by removing the seats. Flights will operate daily to transport medical equipment such as PPE and surgical gowns in order to stem the spread of COVID-19. The Germany-based global logistics provider also shipped 100,000 donated face masks on behalf of retailer H&M.

BNSF Railway has been challenged with the enormous task of quickly adjusting freight schedules and operations during the pandemic. The rail giant is working tirelessly with some of the nation’s largest consumer brands and store chains to transport essential medical supplies and goods where they are needed most. That means working daily with their partners to help figure out how to best deliver the goods that communities depend on while modifying for the increased need for supplies and services.

Other businesses are using their resources to provide the goods medical professionals need to keep themselves safe or to discover treatment options for the disease, such as personal protective equipment and materials used in coronavirus diagnostic tests.

This includes logistics titan Agility, who has founded its own procurement company in order to source COVID-19 medical supplies and services needed all over the world. Always finding ways to be part of the solution, the corporation established the Global Response Aid (GRA) division, which specializes in locating fundamental critical care equipment such as thermometers, face masks, goggles, protective suits, cleaning and sanitation supplies, and thermal detection equipment. The organization also procures ventilators and mobile testing kits and has even produced a contact-tracing app.

Around the world, Agility’s teams are
working hard to keep cargo moving.

Each organization has been working extremely hard to support these efforts with a deep commitment to our struggle against COVID-19 and to support the residents of our local areas as well as the world. By working together to produce lifesaving equipment and deliver medical supplies to those who need them the most to combat the virus, we will continue to meet the extraordinary demands of this unprecedented crisis.

It’s a great testament to our customers, as they examine how they can help meet the healthcare system’s needs. These are the kind of organizations at the heart of Watson; and with the spirit of community, along with resourcefulness, creativity, and empathy, we can do amazing things together.