Watson Is Honored To Sponsor CSUDH’S Presidential Scholars Program

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Watson Is Honored To Sponsor CSUDH’S Presidential Scholars Program

This month, Watson Land Company is celebrating its continued support as a Platinum sponsor for the Presidential Scholars Program at California State University, Dominguez Hills. A prominent scholarship known throughout the area, this program acknowledges local high school and community college students for their exceptional academic accomplishments and community involvement. It gives us great pride to support students from our community to have access to amazing opportunities in furthering their education and fulfilling their potential.

Since 1990, the mission of CSUDH’s Presidential Scholarship Program has been to offer a pathway for exceptional students in the local region so they may afford an education from a university renowned for its respected academic curriculum. The program consists of awards of tuition support for in-state fees, book allowances, parking permits, laptop computers, housing discounts, and other perks. Scholarship recipients can be first-year students with awards valued at nearly $33,000 for four years, and transfer students with awards valued at $16,500 for two years.

Presidential Scholars have the chance to make the most of a variety of distinct advantages in addition to the considerable financial endowment. Activities and opportunities include recognition as a Presidential Scholar at commencement and the Spring reception with President Parham, a special luncheon with President Parham during the fall and spring semesters, and other privileges that enhance their experience at CSUDH.

Each year, students must meet certain requirements in order to apply. Minimum grade point averages and graduation prerequisites are standard for scholarships for universities. The Presidential Scholars Program at CSUDH additionally necessitates students contribute in supplementary ways as well. They must show documentation validating a robust role in offering community service, and certification that each played a part as leaders in these capacities. Being engaged in their community attests to students’ abilities to work with others, accomplish goals, and see himself or herself as a contributor to humanity.

At Watson, we believe that education and community service are instrumental to opening up a world of possibilities and developing young adults as well-rounded members of society. We are extremely pleased and excited to continue to be part of such a worthwhile program for deserving young adults in our community with scholarships for the next school year. Supporting the next generation of individuals has immense and long-lasting effects on their future career choices, as well as their economic security, health, and wellbeing. 

The efforts of our sponsorships with institutions like California State University, Dominguez Hills, help to build brighter futures for these students, and they further Watson’s commitment to enriching the communities where we work and live. We are dedicated to creating opportunities where all who have worked hard and achieved extraordinary feats have access to the learning needed to realize success in their communities as well as the world. Universities such as CSUDH are leading the charge as the gateway to this success, and we are honored to contribute in profound ways.

If you would like more information about Presidential Scholars Program at CSUDH, please visit https://www.csudh.edu/president/presidential-scholars.