Watson Is Honored To Recognize The 2019 Green 75 Winners

When it comes to designing and building masterplanned industrial parks, Watson Land Company is an industry leader in sustainable development and LEED efforts. Promoting energy efficiency, optimizing operational costs, and reducing the impact to the environment are at the core of our practices. By implementing measurable green construction solutions, we attract and retain the best tenants in highly competitive markets. These forward-thinking customers have picked up the baton and are leading the pack in sustainability standards with recent recognition on the 2019 Inbound Logistics Green Supply Partners top 75 list. 

The Green 75 (G75) Supply Chain Partners list distinguishes companies displaying their commitment to environmentally-friendly supply chain, logistics, and transportation operations. Inbound Logistics evaluates submissions annually from companies with extraordinary credentials in sustainability, and ultimately selected the G75 based on four benchmarks: quantifiable green results, continuous improvement, sustainability innovation, and industry acknowledgment. It specifies the green advances these companies have made and how they are assisting in progressing environmental initiatives.

A Head Start with Watson Sustainable Building Practices

At Watson, we’re dedicated to building smart and staying at the forefront of sustainable construction standards. In 2004, we adopted LEED as the framework for our development strategy, earning our first Gold level certification in 2006. As of 2019, we’ve developed 8 million square feet of LEED certified buildings. Our green practices have significantly reduced energy usage, saved over 2 million gallons in water consumption, and diverted over 108,700 metric tons of construction waste from landfills, resulting in our customers having the opportunity to significantly reduce their environmental impact and decrease their operational costs.

Bottom line, Watson develops buildings to enhance sustainability and efficiency—it’s just what we do. That’s why we’re excited to see as many as twelve current tenants on the G75 list, with an additional two former Watson customers. 

Who Made the List?

Two ports local to Southern California made the list: The Port of Long Beach and The Port of Los Angeles. 

With a Green Port Policy that requires concentrated efforts to severely minimize or eliminate altogether any negative environmental impacts, the Port of Long Beach has also established a reputation as a pioneer for innovative environmental programs. It’s commitment to a green approach remains at the mainstay of the Port’s strategy, and these environmental efforts have been copied by seaports everywhere.

The Port of Los Angeles has become a global maritime leader with the adoption of its zero emission and near-zero emission technology. This includes using alternative fuels or energy sources like solar panels to reduce energy consumption, with the chief aim to decrease emissions by 465 metric tons of greenhouse gas and 0.72 weighted tons of NOx, ROG, and PM10.

Two of Watson’s railway customers also made the G75 list: BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad.

BNSF has upgraded more than 460 locomotives with technology focused on increasing fuel efficiency, and it is the first U.S. rail carrier to deploy wide-span electric cranes, which produce zero emissions on-site. As of 2017, BNSF Railway averaged a total of 846 gross ton miles per gallon of diesel, a 7% improvement since 2008.

On average, Union Pacific Railroad moves a ton of freight 444 miles on a gallon of diesel fuel, compared to long-haul trucks which move a ton of freight approximately 134 miles on a gallon of diesel fuel. With the implementation of environmentally-friendly practices such as recycling programs, solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and sourcing materials from sustainable sellers, Union Pacific utilizes green methodology in responsible ways.

Other current Watson tenants that made the list are FedEx, Agility Global Integrated Logistics, Maersk, DB Schenker, C.H. Robinson, Kenco, XPO Logistics, and Lynden, as well as Yusen Logistics and UPS, who are previous Watson tenants.

These companies embrace green practices with a focus on improvements in reducing greenhouse gases, saving fuel, waste management, decreasing energy usage and carbon emissions, installing solar panels, and many more sustainable actions. 

The achievements have been great, and the dedication each business has to the planet aligns with Watson’s overall mission to integrate green from the very beginning as an essential component of its business practices. Overall, we’re proud to have all these companies as customers, and we’re excited for the future of sustainability. To read the complete list of all 75 companies who made the G75 Green Supply Chain Partners list, click here.

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