Sustainable Sites

Site selection and construction management are important components for a project’s sustainability.

indoor_environment_imgThe Watson Land Company Headquarters employs the following measures:

  • A white “cool roof” and light colored paving materials were used to reduce the “Heat Island Effect” (the phenomenon of increased temperatures in microclimates constructed with dark paving and roofing materials that trap and absorb heat during the day)
  • Bicycle storage, showers, and changing areas for company employees
  • Preferred parking spaces for carpools and high-efficiency vehicles
  • Measures to mitigate the disruption and pollution of natural on-site water flows
  • Access to public transportation with multiple bus lines within ¼ mile of the project site
  • The project site is previously developed and in close proximity to residential areas and basic services
  • A construction pollution prevention plan to mitigate dust generation and protect the site against erosion

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