Materials & Resources

Materials & ResourcesDuring both the construction and operations phases, buildings generate a great deal of waste and use many materials and resources.

The Watson Land Company Headquarters employed the following strategies to preserve materials during the construction process and in daily operations:

  • Recycling stations, mail and copy rooms allow employees to separately collect plastic, paper, cardboard, metals and glass
  • Individual recycling receptacles at employee workstations and offices for collection of paper and cardboard
  • Diversion of more than 75% of all demolition and construction waste from landfills to recycling centers during the construction process
  • Building materials selected for the project included structural steel and aluminum window systems are high in recycled content
  • Precast concrete panels and concrete used for structural slabs and hardscape were extracted and manufactured locally to minimize the environmental impacts due to transportation
  • Natural wood building materials were provided by sources that practice environmentally responsible forest management and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

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