Watson Land Company’s rich history extends more than 200 years back to the Rancho San Pedro, the first piece of land granted to a private citizen in Southern California.

In 1784, King Carlos III of Spain granted the 75,000-acre tract of land to Spanish soldier Juan Jose Dominguez. When Dominguez’ great grandniece, Maria Dolores Dominguez, married lawyer James Alexander Watson in 1855, their marriage marked the birth of what is known today as Watson Land Company.

HistoryFounded as Watson Estate Company in 1912 and later re-named Watson Land Company, the land owned by the company was used for agriculture and oil production until 1963.

In response to Southern California’s rapidly changing business environment, the company shifted its focus to real estate development with the initial goal of enhancing the value of its holdings through the creation of masterplanned centers for industrial buildings.

In the 1960s, the masterplanned Watson Industrial Center in the city of Carson, California would pave the way for the firm’s evolution into one of the region’s most influential real estate companies, serving a broad range of regional, national and international companies.

Amidst a rapidly changing business climate, Watson’s commitment to its historical roots, community and customers remains unaltered, as it maintains its rich tradition of developing and managing its portfolio of industrial properties.